Advanced Mask Metrology System


Nanometrics Atlas-M is a complete, high performance mask metrology system that combines multiple metrology technologies to provide full characterization of both masks and reticles for linewidth, etch depth, overhang, height and profile measurements in a single tool. The Atlas-M platform also provides all of the critical metrology technologies necessary for complete film analysis including phase-shifting layers.


The Atlas-M offers automated high-accuracy, high-precision metrology for mask and reticle characterization and control of the manufacturing process. The combination of spectroscopic ellipsometry and spectroscopic reflectometry provides complete materials characterization of the optical properties of the various layer materials throughout the entire mask making process. The system features closed-loop temperature control and mask handling robotics and staging for 6" x 6" substrates. The system is SMIF compatible with both single- and multiple-mask carriers. The Class 1 mini-environment provides defect-free substrate handling and the production-proven platform is SEMI S2/S8 and CE compliant.


The Atlas-M can be configured with both Spectroscopic Reflectometer (SR) and Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (SE) capabilities.


The Atlas-M features robust pattern recognition, improved thickness and CD reproducibility and superior throughput. The Atlas-M offers a software interface and advanced automation, both of which are compliant with standards adopted by SEMI and other organizations.


The Atlas-M is fully compatible with Nanometrics’ NanoNet, the network component of Nanometrics’ N2000 Analysis Platform software, which provides system-to-system matching and seamless recipe transferability. A number of option packages are available for the Atlas-M, including remote diagnostics and health monitoring, DVD system back-up, offline analysis station for remote data analysis and wafer-less recipe creation and a chromaticity feature to measure film color properties.