HL5500 Series


Hall Effect Measurement System


HL5500PC is a turnkey, high performance hall effect system for the measurement of resistivity, carrier concentration, and mobility in semiconductors. Modular in concept, allowing easy upgrade paths, the system is suitable for a wide variety of materials, including silicon and compound semiconductors.


HL5500PC has both low and high resistivity measurement capabilities, with optional cryostats extending thetemperature range from 77K to 550K. With an intuitive Microsoft Windows user interface, no programming experience is required to set up or use the HL5500PC.


HL 5580

High Impedance Buffer Amplifier/Current Source


The HL5580PC high impedance buffer amplifier/current source is available, extending sheet resistivity measurement capability to 100GΩ/ٱ and source currents to as low as 1pA. Close proximity of the module to the sample, along with the use of driven guards, ensures minimization of cable capacitance effects. A recommended optional extra is the HL5520 stereomicroscope.