With over 35 years of experience in metrology, Nanometrics is considered a leading supplier of solutions for a large variety of applications. Nanometrics continuously strives to develop new metrology solutions to expand our product portfolio.


Photoluminescence (PL) Metrology

Characterization of epitaxial deposited III-V semiconductor materials is a very complex task, involving many process parameters to be tightly controlled. Photoluminescence metrology allows 100% sampling of the deposition process and delivers instant information about deposited material properties, uniformity, thickness and wafer bow. Nanometrics' range of PL metrology solutions offers highly configurable systems for R&D as well as high volume production monitoring systems.


Electrochemical CV (ECV) Profiling

Controlling doping levels of active doping in semiconductor materials is the main application of Nanometrics' ECV profiler. Detection and characterization of single or multiple junctions in a structure, as well as etching though difficult layers is now possible in a fully automated manner using system recipes, making results much more repeatable and operator-independent.



Many materials require infrared light for improved analysis of film thickness. Nanometrics provide fully automated, and the most sensitive, FTIR systems today. Our FTIR systems also feature transmission channels for highly sensitive characterization of chemical impurities within a layer or substrate.


Film Thickness

Nanometrics' systems incorporate state of the art optical components paired with the most advanced data processing and analysis software, NanoDiffract, that delivers the most cost effective, flexibile and powerful thin film metrology solution to R&D and high volume manufacturing.