Chemical Impurity

Monitoring chemical impurities in substrates and deposited layers is a critical requirements to ensure electrical device performance. No matter if it is carbon and oxygen concentration in substrates, hydrogen or fluorine concentration in epi layers, metallic contamination in Si devices – Nanometrics offers the right systems with outstanding precise detection limits and the throughput required to monitor the process in-line.


The Imperia PL imaging system offers detection of electrically active defects and contamination in epi layers, resulting in shift of band gap and change in PL emission signature. A special version will focus on contamination in Si substrates allowing the analysis of metallic contamination and their diffusion into the bulk material.


The well-known FTIR series offers a large variety of algorithm to analyze all major contamination threats challenging the industry. Highly sensitive detectors deliver research grade quality results and make the FTIR another standard in the industry.