GaN Metrology

In today’s power device markets a lot of III-V materials are used to accomplish tasks which Si was used to perform years ago. New requirements coming into devices such as better blocking voltage, higher operating power, less loss and miniaturization. Those requirements establish the needs for wide band gap materials and alloys. A large variety of applications is being covered by (Al)GaN and the applications increase day by day.


No matter what type your substrate is - Sapphire, GaN or Si – controlling the deposition thickness, alloy composition, band gap and uniformity is the key for success. Emerging technologies such as GaN on Si require a close look on defects and wafer bow. All these parameters can be determined using Nanometrics’ PL systems. All of our experience, all of our passion is distilled in the RPM, VerteX and Imperia product line with one goal: providing our customers the best in class sensitivity and throughput.


The RPMBlue and Vertex systems are the best choice controlling the GaN reactor performance with delivering precise and fast band gap, alloy composition and overall EPI thickness. 2D Wafer bow is also available as a option.


The Imperia allows to control the same set of parameters as the RPM/VerteX does, but additionally delivers electrically active defect information, GaN process critical structural defect information as well as surface defects. Control structural defects, lattice mismatch and other GaN on Si specific defect information. Know your wafer bow before and after GaN deposition and prevent wafer breakage or stress induced structural defects.


The FTIR product line offers thickness analysis of GaN stacks.