Nanometrics optical metrology and defect inspection tools employ a wide variety of light diffraction techniques to measure and inspect various geometric features, structures and surfaces.



By gathering data captured from these technologies, metrology tools can determine the thickness of each layer of film after deposition or planarization, and provide data on its uniformity across the layer. They can also provide information on the shape and angle of the sidewalls of etched areas of the transistor. These capabilities are employed in the lithography steps of the manufacturing process, as well as in films deposition, etch, and CMP.


Metrology tools offer additional information at the formation of transistor gate components, providing data such as width, height and profile. Nanometrics suite of tools also includes systems that measure overlay of component layers, to ensure that each layer is properly aligned to the previous process step.


In the formation of interconnect contacts, similar structural data is obtained. Metrology tools also provide a means of determining surface roughness and other topography characteristics. With these powerful features, Nanometrics’ non-destructive process control metrology tools offer customers the ability to characterize their devices in three dimensions during the manufacturing process, allowing them to correct for process excursions.


Defect Inspection

Our fully automated wafer inspection system is used in both semiconductor fabrication and packaging processes. Based on innovative “one shot” technology that employs both brightfield and darkfield image capture techniques, the system is able to inspect wafers at extremely high throughput while maintaining the sensitivity required to monitor critical process excursions.


The system is sensitive to large area defects down to small defects beyond the sensitivity of traditional macro inspection systems.


Nanometrics metrology and defect inspection tools provide a comprehensive set of in-line controls, used either on our stand-alone platforms or on fully integrated systems. To learn more about the technologies used in Nanometrics tools, click a topic on the left of this page.