SPARK Defect Inspection


Advanced Macro Defect Inspection System


The SPARK system offers ultra-fast inspection of semiconductor patterned and unpatterned wafers. With its Innovative ‘one-shot technology,’ the system achieves high throughput at high sensitivity, with excellent stability and proven matching performance.  The system’s high throughput allows 100% wafers/lot inspection. This strategy provides significant net savings per year compared to sampling strategies with other defect inspection systems.


Full wafer surface images are processed in near real-time to extract a broad range of defects. The SPARK system is sensitive to large area defects down to small defects beyond the sensitivity of traditional macro inspection systems. The platform supports a wide range of surface materials and topographies and can be used for inspection at nearly every stage of the semiconductor production flow. Additionally, CD uniformity information can be extracted on product wafers.


  • 1-3 µm sensitivity @ >120 wph on patterned wafers
  • 0.5 µm sensitivity @ >120 wph on unpatterned wafers
  • Edge inspection capability
  • Low maintenance due to no moving parts during measurement
  • Smallest footprint in the industry with 5x lower cost of ownership compared to competitive inspection systems
  • Optional back-side inspection
  • Configurable for 200-300 mm wafers