Semiconductor Manufacturing


As consumer electronics demand longer operating times, more functionality and higher performance, semiconductor manufacturers are pressed to find new ways of packing more IC content into smaller spaces. Meeting these objectives has introduced significant new challenges to control the manufacturing process.



With the most recent scaling, control gates, contacts and other architectures have become more densely packed, increasing the need for 3D metrology. As they have scaled, the subtle variations in these shapes becomes more important to performance, and harder to differentiate. Shape fidelity is now more critical than ever before. Even with the most challenging architectures, including FinFET multi-gate transistors with 3-D grating on grating, Nanometrics semiconductor metrology products and solutions demonstrate their advantage, with powerful hardware, software and applications support.


Materials Characterization

Our materials characterization products include systems that are used to monitor the physical, optical, electrical and material characteristics of compound semiconductor, strained silicon and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices, including composition, crystal structure, layer thickness, dopant concentration, contamination and electron mobility.


For the special needs of the compound semiconductor industry we have a targeted range of characterization and process control tools that cover all areas from basic university research, to process development, to full scale production. This broad range of tools have been developed over many years and are easily adaptable to the ever-changing range of compound materials and devices. From Hall mobility measurements and electrochemical CV carrier concentration profilers, to the sophisticated and flexible PL mapping tools, Nanometrics will work to adapt our tools to your ever changing needs.