300mm FTIR Metrology


QS3300 is a fully automated 300mm tool for non-destructive FTIR characterization and measurement of semiconductor materials and device manufacturing. The QS3300ME system is designed to comply with I300I guidelines and has been proven in 300mm fabs throughout the world over the last 3 years.


The QS3300 measures the boron and phosphorus concentration in BPSG films, atomic hydrogen concentrations in silicon nitride passivation layers, fluorine in FSG films, epitaxial thickness, concentrations of interstitial oxygen and substitutional carbon in silicon, and trench depth monitoring in 64 and 256 MB DRAM Chips.



Unique algorithms deliver instant qualification of SOI, SiC, and other epitaxial films. Built-in intelligence extends the applicability to almost every film material imaginable.

Additionally, it is versatile enough to qualify thickness of recycled test wafers for rapid payback.