VCSEL structures and BRAGG mirrors are designed to deliver maximum reflection at a certain wavelength. Characteristics of those structures require special algorithms to allow the reflectance spectrum being analyzed and data provided in a way that allows deposition process control. Budget is always an issue and therefore Nanometrics is proud to offer the RPMBlue-FS system which allows you to control the reflectivity characteristics of your bragg mirror device as well as the band gap characteristics of the laser/LED structure on top. On top of this, you can measure your EPI thickness simultaneously. This way, you have a single system covering all important parameters to successfully produce precise and reliable photonic devices. You do want to manually load wafers because your volume is small today (but perhaps go automated later) or you like to cover high volume production with automated wafer handling? Either way the RPMBlue-FS can accommodate your todays as well as your tomorrow needs due to its modular and upgradeable design.