Power Devices

Epi Manufacturing

The power device market is currently undergoing a paradigm shift. The worldwide increase of power consumption requires a higher amount of devices to control, modulate and convert the power. Increasing production of such devices usually goes along with larger wafer diameters, lower production cost and more affordable end products. But the increasing power consumption requires also a new approach to maintain the environment, lower the loss within devices, take responsibility about resources to produce those devices and finally offer an end product which meets today's mobility needs. While many devices have to shrink, their capabilities have to expand while the cost has to be reduced. This results into new approaches. New materials enter the arena and finally research engineers and process engineers face new problems which need to be controlled. Having the suitable metrology in place to do materials research while the same metrology is used later to monitor the results of the research in a production environment will enable device manufacturers to enter the market earlier than the competition and expand their market share at an early phase.


Nanometrics’ product portfolio includes R&D products as well as production monitoring solutions. Our unique modular design allows us to use the same components for multiple purposes. As a result, our customers can focus on producing devices while measurement recipes can be ported from R&D to production without delay. Offering the latest generation of optical metrology, Nanometrics can monitor all critical information which is required to qualify new materials such GaN or SiC. Whatever your substrate is, we can provide the suitable metrology to measure material properties, thickness, bow, carrier concentration, mobility and defects. Most of our metrology systems are industry standards and there is a reason for that.