Film Thickness Metrology

The increasing demand and complexity of thin film measurements in R&D and production environments is mainly driven by the complexity of new and emerging materials. High k and low k materials as well as classic II-V semiconductor materials become more important than ever. Precise optics, paired with the industry leading modeling and analysis software NanoDiffract enable the new released NanoSpec II to measure and control the thickness of very thin layers, multi-layer stacks, thick materials and high roughness layers. The unique modular optical design of the NanoSpec II allows the system to be customized to address the specific needs of a large range of industrial sectors, ranging from general dielectric & transparent material R&D to specific industrial applications such as GaN on Si, SiC, MEMS and very thick resist metrology.


The NanoSpec 3000 and 6100 systems have been famous for its precise and reliable measurements. The Nanospec II takes this legacy to an entire new level.


Nanometrics' QS Series FTIR products are well suited to measure epitaxial layer thicknesses precisely and repeatable. Several hardware and software options allow the FTIR to control a wide range of epitaxial layers and make the system the industry standard for EPI thickness control. Advanced algorithms expand the use cases of the system and allow the measurements of very thin EPI layers, multi-layer SiC films as well as GaN layers.