CV Profiling

Measuring the carrier concentration in materials can be done several ways. Hall Effect metrology is a very efficient way to measure the carrier concentration in bulk materials. If there is a need to measure carrier concentration as a function of depth, there is destructive methods available only. Nanometrics’ patented approach to carrier concentration profiling includes high resolution faradaic etching, forming a schottky diode and measure the C-V curve. This method is very efficient and provides a good alternative to expensive analysis methods such as SIMS. While etching through p-type materials is rather easy, light is required to etch though n-type materials. The ECVpro offers a visible light source for the majority of III-V semiconductors. Once you need to etch through wide band gap materials such as GaN, an optional UV-light source is available as well. Special etch algorithm also ensure smooth etching through highly defective materials or materials with high metallic content.


CV Proling