Analog/Mixed Signal Device

Analog/Mixed Signal

Building analog and mixed signal devices introduces a new layer of complexity to a standard film stack. Polysilicon, amorphous silicon, dielectric layers, enriched materials with changing stoichiometry. All of these require thickness measurement and control of optical constants.


The powerful NanoSpec II delivers enhanced wavelength metrology along with the most advanced modeling engine in the industry. From very thin to very thick Si layers, from polished to high roughness substrates, the Nanospec II gives users the ability to monitor the process even at very narrow process windows. Beside thickness measurement capabilities, the Nanospec II also delivers information about the change in optical constants to help users monitor the deposition process.


The ECVPro delivery highly accurate carrier concentration profiles to check for the material and process stability.


The QS Series FTIR systems can rapidly monitor epitaxial grown layers, measure impurities in the material and substrate and deliver high speed measurements, not building a bottleneck in an automated production environment.