SiC Metrology

SiC is one of the new emerging technologies required to shrink device dimensions even further while expanding their capabilities. Nanometrics provides a wide range of products, addressing the needs to characterize the material properties and to monitor the deposition process. The NanoSpec II allows measurement of thin SiC layers in Si devices. Its small spot wipes the need for large areas of layer deposition. The advanced modeling software allows flexibility and give notification if material constants change. The RPMBlue and Vertex systems are the best choice controlling the SiC reactor performance with delivering precise and fast band gap and overall EPI thickness.


The Imperia allows to control the same set of parameters as the RPM/VerteX does, but additionally delivers electrically active defect information, SiC process critical structural defect information as well as surface defects.


The FTIR product line offers multi-layer thickness analysis of SiC stacks.