Our systems address a broad range of process control requirements for applications such as semiconductor manufacturing and advanced semiconductor packaging, data storage, high-brightness LEDs and solar photovoltaic applications.


We continue to develop and offer advanced process control solutions that address advanced technology roadmap requirement trends.


Automated Standalone Metrology Systems

Nanometrics automated systems are made up of both semi-automated and fully automated metrology systems which are employed in high and low-volume production environments. High-performance metrology systems provide thin film, optical critical dimension (OCD), overlay and wafer stress for transistor and interconnect metrology applications.


Integrated Metrology Systems

Nanometrics integrated metrology (IM) systems are installed directly onto wafer processing equipment to provide near real-time measurements for improved process control and maximum throughput. Our IM systems are sold directly to end customers and through OEM channels.


Materials Characterization

Nanometrics materials characterization products include systems that are used to monitor the physical, optical, electrical and material characteristics of HB-LED, compound semiconductor, strained silicon and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices, including composition, crystal structure, layer thickness, dopant concentration, contamination and electron mobility.